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Color Guard

MMA Color Guard is an honored and distinguished team of five that is tasked with carrying our nation's colors both in competition and display.   In order to become a member of this prestigious group of cadets, one must display a bearing that is forged by discipline and understanding of the reverence that the American flag represents.  


Orienteering is a navigation race often held in unfamiliar terrain using a map and compass. It's easy to learn and a fun way to exercise your body and mind as you enjoy the outdoors. It's a sport for everyone and beginners are always welcome.

Drill Team

The MMA Drill Team is made up of motivated cadets that demonstrate military bearing through drill and ceremony.  Our team is an award-winning team won at district and regional levels.  Drill Team teaches self-discipline and develops trust among the members.


The MMA Raiders is a rigorous sport that centers on physical training, teamwork, leadership and mental strength.  The Raider's team main competition is Bad to the Bone which is a test consisting of obstacle races, pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups and tug of war at the Marion County Swat Course.


Marksmanship teaches many fundamentals, first and foremost is safety.  Others skills related to this sport is discipline, responsibility, control and respect for others.  

Winter Guard

Winter Guard is similar to the color guard but performances are held in gymnasiums. Performances use recorded music rather than live bands.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.