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Mission Statement:  

To provide high school students an opportunity to secure the highest quality education in an environment that embraces core military values.

The purpose of Marion Military Academy is to inspire academic excellence and develop positive physical and moral growth for each cadet that commits to our program. This is achieved through a number of different structures and values that the cadets adhere to daily.  In addition to these core values and structures, we provide military discipline in a distraction-free setting that allows cadets to focus on their educational and personal growth.  Our cadets are given an opportunity to be in a position of leadership and to impact other cadets in such a way that it helps to develop camaraderie and good decision making.


Our focus is on Academic Excellence, Military Discipline, and Leadership.  This is achieved utilizing the United States Army’s Values:


Loyalty – to bear true faith and allegiance to the US Constitution and your peers
Duty – to fulfill your obligations
Respect – to treat people as they should be treated
Selfless Service – to put the welfare of the nation before my own
Honor – to live up to all values
Integrity – to do what is right, legally and morally
Personal Courage – to face fear, danger, and adversity






Additional benefits to choosing MMA are:


A 4 ½ Day School Week – Students attend  a full day of classes Monday through Thursday.  Fridays are ½ days and they are used to give additional assistance in the course subject matter, a time to review or re-review content to ensure understanding and to prep for any required state testing.


Personalized Learning – Our 4 day school week structure allows us to spend more personal time with students to go over their specific, academic needs and work to increase understanding of core subject matters.


Small Class Sizes – This allows more one-on-one time for your cadet, cadets are not able to hide amongst a sea of students enabling more engagement, and easier to identify issues, builds stronger relationships.

Leadership Training – Through our 4-year JROTC leadership course (which is required for every cadet that attends MMA) drives our behavioral expectations.